The Silhouette Artist

Master in the field, Angelo Angelov, the precise Silhouette Artist based in Czech Republic, Europe.

He comes from Macedonia but he didn’t spend much time there. He lived and created all around Europe, such as in Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Mykonos, Cyprus, Dubai and more beautiful and inspiring places, where he worked on his unique talent for more than 20 years and made it so special as it is now.

Currently lives Angelo right in the heart of Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic.


Angelo belongs to the greatest artists in his field.

Since 2015 he works on the Charles Bridge in Prague, the center of Czech art and culture. You can meet him there in the summertime and see his skills with your own eyes. 

In 2017 took Angelo part in a prestigious meeting TREND EVENT, where he presented his profession and won 1st place for the best product for corporate events and was announced as a discovery of the year.


Silhouette cut is an exceptional artistic profession, which is perfectly suitable for every social event.

It takes only 2 minutes to cut out one precise silhouette. Therefore is the silhouette cutting the ideal entertaining programme for your wedding, company meeting, festival, conference, annual party, team building, private party and more. 

Make your event unforgettable and book Angelo now! He attends the happenings in the Czech Republic but also abroad.


Each silhouette is cut out from paper only by using a pair of scissors. 

Angelo just looks at the person’s profile and starts cutting his precise silhouette to the black paper. At one moment without a previous draft.

Each silhouette is original and a unique work of art, which is made within 2 minutes!

But it is not just the final picture to admire, the whole cutting process is one great show you haven’t seen before!

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