Get Your Custom Silhouette Online

Get your custom silhouette online!

It’s also a perfect way how to please your loved ones. Get them their own silhouette as a distinctive present

Each silhouette is guaranteed to be originally cut out by Angelo Angelov. We never use computer print or any alteration. As a guarantee of authenticity, we send you for free a special video, which captures creating your silhouette from the beginning to the end. You will be surprised what a great show it is!

If you would like to see his talent with your own eyes, you can meet Angelo during the summertime on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Silhouette online
Silhouette online

Only a few steps to go.

Send us a photo, which shows a person’s profile picture. Don’t smile and make sure, that all head and hair length is included in the photo. Any kind of accessory is allowed and unless you specify otherwise, it will be cut out in the final silhouette cut (for instance: hat, glasses, ponytail, beard, etc).

If you are willing to order a silhouette as a present and you don’t have a photo in ideal conditions, send us the best picture you have, Angelo can cope with it anyway. Otherwise, we will contact you.

Silhouette online

Your silhouette will be cut out from a black paper and will be put on a white background.

It’s ready to be framed. You may also choose one of our customized frames, which are perfectly sized for our paper art and you can directly hang it on the wall or stand it on the table.

The white silhouette background may be custom-made according to your requirements. We will send you the graphic design for your approval within 3 days. The personalized background may include any inscription, date or a smaller picture. To get your FREE graphic design, mail your requirements to


Double Silhouette? No Problem!

Let us make you a pair silhouette with your partner, friend, child or even with your pet– everything is possible. You get a unique picture that will remind you of the other person every day. 

It is also a perfect gift idea for your close ones. If you order a double silhouette, you always get the second piece for free (to give)- framed and with an inscription of your choice. 

If you want a silhouette with your loved one, do not hesitate to contact us on email We will help you with your order step by step. 

Your silhouette will be sent to you within 3 days after your payment is authorized and verified. We will contact you about every movement of your shipment. 

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